5 Month Stats Update


It has now been five months since I began this blog, and I thought some of you might be interested in some statistics on how the blog has fared. The blog currently has 5516 total views and 180 comments. This translates to approximately 37 views per day and 1103 views per month. The most views the blog ever had in a single day was 128 on January 25th. The most views in a single month was 1189 in April. The blog currently has 170 posts, and averages 32 views per post.

The United States has the most views by country with 4544, while Canada is second with 233 and the United Kingdom is third with 117. Tied for last are Albania, El Salvador, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Cape Verde, Estonia, Belarus, Slovenia, Venezuela, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Guam with just one view. Overall, 79 different countries have viewed the blog at least once.

The Home Page/Archives accounted for 1324 views. After that, the four most popular posts currently are Restaurant Review: Rock and Coal Pizza (Bellingham, MA) (223), Song Analysis: Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch (2012) (163), Millionaire Buries Treasure for Anyone to Find (158), and Why Did the Pope Resign? (141). The three least popular posts, all with just one view each, are Sony Announces Playstation 4, Happy Birthday Presidents!, and Krejci Gets Hat Trick with OT Winner for the Bruins (reblog).

The top three referrers to my blog are search engines (1654 views), Facebook (662), and Twitter (138). The most clicked upon link in any of my posts was the one about the millionaire burying treasure, with 42 clicks. Finally, the most popular categories that I’ve written about are Food (161 views), Sports (54), and Leisure (50).

Thanks to everyone who read this post. Please like the post, comment with feedback, and share with others.




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