The Power of Music


Somebody once asked me whether I would rather live in a world without music or a world without color. While both would suck, for me it was a no-brainer: a world without color. That is because music is such a powerful force, and often times we just take it completely for granted. If you think about all the situations where music is utilized and the impact that it has, you will realize just how powerful it really is.

Music is at the core of the entertainment industry. Soundtracks in movies can have a huge impact on the appeal of that movie. Concerts are one of the most popular events to go to, to the point where there are now entire music festivals. Video game soundtracks can greatly enhance a game. I will always love the Legend of Zelda soundtracks. The rise of Guitar Hero and Rock Band is another good example. Music gets played during breaks at professional sporting events, most notably halftime of the Super Bowl. Nearly everyone grows up learning how to play an instrument (for me it was the piano). Music has come to define certain holidays, for the better or for the worse (I’m talking to you Christmas music). It has even defined our country with songs like the national anthem and God Bless America. Apple rejuvenated its empire with the creation of the ipod. We even use music for things like our ringtone and alarm clock. We hear music at weddings and funerals, at church and at parties, on the car radio and on internet radio. The list could go on and on, but these are just a few examples of how music runs the world.

Music also has a big impact on a personal level. Some people claim that at times, their favorite bands or their favorite songs are the only ones that can truly describe how they feel or understand them, and I agree with this to a certain extent. Some of the first bands I got into have stuck with me through the years and never got old, because when I listen to them and I can directly relate to every word of the lyrics. Listening to music can be a great way to deal with tough times, and to escape into a world of your own. It can help you vent your anger, relax yourself, or get you pumped up and excited. Music has a powerful influence on our emotions.

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