First Week at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Note: This post was written by Jeffrey Pierro and does not reflect the views or ideals of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Last Sunday, I moved into my new place right outside of Boston for the summer. On Monday, I began my new job as an actuarial intern at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in Boston. The building that I work in is called Landmark Center and is located right next to the Fenway T station and very close to Fenway Park. I walk about 10 minutes to the Resevoir train station on the D line, ride the train for five stops, and get off next to the building. For the first half of the first day, all of the interns had to go through orientation. This essentially was just going over all of the rules and expectations for the summer, as well as getting our photo taken so we could receive identification cards. Once orientation was over, the interns split up into their various departments. There are three of us working as interns in the actuarial department. The leaders in the department took us out to lunch at a nearby restaurant which was very nice.

After lunch, we were led to our office which is on the 7th floor. All three of us are in the same office, but we each have our own table and computer. I like working with this setup. I then met my supervisor as well as several other people in the department. I will be working on two main projects, the first one is on the provider financial management team trying to make their physician dashboard more efficient. The objective is to try to automate it as much as possible and condense it so that it only takes a week to update and can be updated on a quarterly basis. The majority of my work on this project involves working in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

Overall, I like working at the company so far. Everyone that I have met there is very friendly and helpful. I think they do a good job at promoting a positive atmosphere. Taking the interns out to lunch, having a happy hour for an employee leaving the company, and having social programs every month are examples of this. I’m sure I will have a lot to learn over the course of the summer, but things are off to a good start.



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2 Responses to First Week at Blue Cross Blue Shield

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad to hear yo are liking the job so far and they are treating you well. Part of my job is to get the insurance to pay for everything the provider feels should be paid. Sometimes it takes a lot of extra work. Maybe you can give me some pointers on how to get it done faster. I’m not too sure they’d be happy about that though.I hope you make progress on your projects and are able to fit in a few fun things this summer too.Keep keeping us posted!
    Aunt Jane

  2. Aunt Do says:

    Nice to hearJeff. Sounds exciting!

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