Newport Chowder Fest 2013


This past Saturday was the annual chowder festival in Newport, Rhode Island. This was the second time I attended the festival (also went last year), and it was a perfect sunny day down by the water. Once again, the chowder did not disappoint. Many of the same restaurants as last year from all over the country were back and the chowder was as delicious as ever. We got to choose from ten different clam chowders, eight or so seafood chowders, and six or so creative chowders. The clam chowders were probably my favorite, but there really wasn’t any chowder that I didn’t like. There were many other festivities at the chowder fest as well, including free samples of wines, crackers, and cereals, booths selling T-shirts and other merchandise, and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream stand. They even added an additional section this time where you could buy oysters. Overall, it was a very fun and delicious experience and I hope to be back next year as well.





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