Boston Harbor Cruise


Last Friday, my dad and I were in Boston to look at my new house for the summer, and we decided to go on a Boston Harbor Luncheon Cruise while we were there. It was the perfect day for a cruise on the water, since temperatures were as high as 96 degrees. The boat that we took the cruise on was named the Majesty, and had three different levels. The first two floors had tables and silverware all set up along with a buffet style table in the middle. The top floor was outside and had chairs you could sit in to enjoy the view. When we first arrived on the boat, we grabbed a table on the first floor since it was the only one that was air-conditioned. There was a table with coffee set up for people to drink before the cruise started. After grabbing a cup of coffee, the boat took off and the tour guide began giving the tour. As we were listening to the tour, we went up to grab lunch, which consisted of numerous things including bread, salad, chowder, chicken, pasta, beef, noodles, and apple crisp for dessert. The meal was delicious, and the service was excellent. We learned about several important historical features of Boston from the tour guide, and enjoyed the second half of the tour from the upper deck, which had a nice breeze and a beautiful view. We also witnessed something quite peculiar: a police boat pulling over another boat in the middle of the water. Overall, the tour lasted approximately two hours and was very enjoyable.




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