Google To Build Wifi Blimps To Create Wireless Networks Over Africa and Asia

google blimp

Google is taking another step in the direction towards a world with universal wireless internet connection. Google announced that they intend to build gigantic blimps that will broadcast wi-fi from sub-Saharan Africa to Southeast Asia with the goal of connecting a billion people to wireless networks. The company plans to finance, build, and operate these networks by “putting together an ecosystem of low-cost smartphones running Android on low-power microprocessors.” The signals will be transmitted from balloons and blimps, and will be able to reach hundreds of square kilometers at a time. Satellites have also been taken into consideration for this project. Google is also trying to convince regulators in developing countries to let them use airwaves that are currently reserved for television because the low frequencies mean they will travel longer distances than the current wi-fi structure. Trials of this are already under way in Cape Town, South Africa.


This is yet another one of Google’s efforts to revolutionize the world we live in today, and if it works I think it would be a great idea. Sooner or later, we are going to reach a world in which wireless networks exist everywhere. This is especially critical for developing countries because internet access could be a huge boost in creating jobs and running the country more efficiently. I am always impressed at Google’s relentless efforts to create to new innovative technology.

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