Restaurant Review: Rock and Coal Pizza (Bellingham, MA)

rock and coal m

Rock and Coal Pizza is a new restaurant that opened up near me this past week. I have already been there twice, and both times were great experiences. The restaurant includes a sports bar in the middle with a giant TV in the center, and booths all along the sides with smaller TVs lining the side walls as well. The first time I went here I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and it was delicious. The second time I ordered a sausage and olive Neapolitan style pizza. It was certainly different from any pizza I had tried before, but it was still very good. Unfortunately, the restaurant was not currently serving desserts at the time, but said they would be getting them in the future. Something I thought was cool is that the waiters and waitresses use iPod Touches in order to take down the orders. This makes it more efficient because they do not have to go back and forth with slips of paper all the time. Another thing I thought was cool is that they had a game room with an arcade style setup that you could go over and play in. Overall, I liked this restaurant a lot. The atmosphere is great, the food is good, and it’s a cool place to come grab a drink and watch a game. My final rating for Rock and Coal Pizza is a 4/5.


rock and coal

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2 Responses to Restaurant Review: Rock and Coal Pizza (Bellingham, MA)

  1. rick allen says:

    One pizza burnt. Second pizza ricotta with sausage peppers not cooked. Ordered burger med rare came out Med well. Coke was flat and too much syrup. First time there. Very disappointed. Was hoping for s good pizza in Bellingham. Waitress was pleasant that’s about only positive thing.

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