One of the more interesting concepts to think about is the idea of equality, particularly as it pertains to the human race. Are all humans created equally? Of course not. Then what exactly do we mean when we say that “all humans have equal value”? It means that we are fundamentally entitled to certain rights and opportunities. These rights must be something that are not affected by biological factors that we cannot control, such as race. At the same time, rights that are determined by factors that we can control, such as effort, are not inherently bestowed upon everyone. In other words, some things should be given to people simply because they are a human being, and other things should only be given to people based on qualifications.

Why do we think that racism is wrong? It is because race is a factor that you cannot control and does not affect what you can control. Therefore, it should not be a factor in things like the right to vote or the right to own property. On the other hand, everyone has different skill levels and talents, which means that opportunities requiring certain skill levels and talents should only be given to those who are qualified. In other words, everyone should have equal opportunity in interviewing for a job, but not everyone should be hired equally or at all. This brings me to the main point that made me think about the whole idea of equality: quotas.

It is pretty well-known that due to a pretty horrific history of racism, most schools and bigger companies are now required to fill certain quotas of minorities in order to be fair to everyone. The problem with is, in an attempt to bring equality to these places, they have created inequality. If two people have the exact same qualifications for a job and one is white but the other is a minority, the minority has a greater chance of landing the job. This is just as bad as racism and it goes back to the last sentence in the first paragraph. People do not have an inherent right to get into college or to get a job. You actually have to earn your way there and be qualified for it. All people should be given the same OPPORTUNITY to attain these things, but at the end of the day only the right people should be given a position, even if it means that the distribution of race is skewed.

If it turns out that the majority of people qualified for a certain job are white, or the majority qualified for a certain job are some other race, then only hire those people. The public will scream racism! racism! but the cold hard facts are that some races are simply better at things than others. The NBA is 85% black. Why? Because black people are better than white people at basketball. How idiotic would it be if the NBA made rule requiring each team to have 50% white people and 50% black people? Our country needs to stop going from one extreme to the other and just go back to basics. Denying someone a job because of their race is bad; giving someone a job because of their race is equally bad. Hire based on qualifications alone.

Bottom line: Equal Opportunity, Unequal Results.

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  1. Aunt Do says:

    Makes sence to me Jeff!

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