Miguel Cabrera Is Shredding His Way Towards History

miguel cabrera

What Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera has been able to accomplish in his career is nothing short of Hall of Fame worthy: World Series Champion, MVP, and Triple Crown Winner. But at 30 years old, Cabrera has raised his game to an even higher level, putting himself in position to destroy the single season RBI record and do what no one else in the history of Major League Baseball has ever done: win back to back Triple Crowns. Cabrera leads the majors with a .388 batting average, with the next closest player batting .361 and the next closest American Leaguer batting .347. He also leads the American League with 39 runs scored, is tied for 2nd in the majors with 14 home runs, and leads the majors by far with 57 RBIs, 11 ahead of the next closest player.

I’ve been watching baseball closely since 2006, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player go through a hotter stretch than Cabrera has in the last 14 months. He is just absolutely tearing up everything that comes his way, and doing it on all sides of the ball. He reminds me of Albert Pujols of a couple of years ago, but even Pujols didn’t win the triple crown and then come back even better the next year. If Cabrera could somehow pull off back to back triple crowns this season, it would be one of the most legendary and historic feats in the history of North American Professional Sports.

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One Response to Miguel Cabrera Is Shredding His Way Towards History

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Makes you wonder if he’s doing all of this while clean. I’d have to figure he’s been tested multiple times in the past few years, though.

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