My Top 5 Favorite Apps


I have had the iPhone 5 for approximately five months now, so I have had the experience of exploring many different types of applications in many different types of fields. However, there are certainly some apps that I use much more than others. Therefore, I decided to count down my top 5 favorite apps on my iPhone. These don’t include the default apps such as calendar, music, weather, etc.

5. Bejeweled


For whatever reason, I am addicted to Bejeweled. It is the only app that I have actually paid for, and I literally play it almost every day. It is the ultimate time killer for me. Whether I am waiting for class to start, waiting in line, or waiting for commercials to end, I always try to find ways to fit in a game of Bejeweled. It is simple enough so that you don’t have to think too much, but challenging enough so that you have to stay focused. I am constantly trying to beat my own records and become the ultimate Bejeweled champion.

4. Around Me

around me

Around Me is a pretty cool app that essentially uses the GPS feature to locate different places that close by to you. It has several categories such as movies, restaurants, and gas stations. I’ve used this app a couple of times to try to find places to eat when I was out in an unfamiliar area, and it was pretty convenient. It is definitely a useful app to have anywhere you go.

3. Gmail


The Gmail app has definitely been one of the most helpful apps that I could have asked for. Not only does it allow me to check all emails on my phone, but I can even have it set up with multiple email accounts in the same app. That way all of my email goes to the same place. As someone who probably gets 10+ emails a day during the school year, it is extremely helpful to have instant access to email and not have to check on my computer several times a day.

2. Twitter


Twitter is my favorite social media site, so naturally I must have the Twitter app. As a quick paced, frequently updated type of site, Twitter was practically meant to be mobile. It is extremely convenient to be able to tweet anywhere on the go, and it also serves as one of my top news sources as well. Anything in the world that happens is on Twitter as quickly as it is on anything else, so therefore having the Twitter app makes it easy to stay up to date on anything and everything wherever you go.

1. The Score

the score

As a huge sports fan, it is absolutely essential that I have this app. It is the best sports app that I have seen yet. It allows you to customize updates from any sports games, choose your favorite teams, and even sync your calendar with sports schedules. It also gives you the latest updates on important sports headlines, allows you to follow certain games, gives you previews of the games, the line on each game, the complete statistics of every game, and the current standings. Not to mention it has every possible sports league from around the world. It is essential that any true sports fan download this app.

Let me know what apps are your favorites in the comments down below. Please like the post, comment if you have feedback, and share with others.




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2 Responses to My Top 5 Favorite Apps

  1. Elsie says:

    I think that the Around Me app is very useful as it helps to find great places to hang out in a particular location. Thanks for sharing information about this awesome app.

  2. Pablo Sanchez says:

    you definitely play Bejeweled like no other. EVERY NIGHT MY FRIEND

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