Junior Year Recap/Summer Preview


May 8th, 2013 at approximately 7:15 p.m. marked the completion of my third year as a student at Bryant University. Now that all the craziness and excitement of the most action packed year of my college career is over, I figured it would be a good idea to reflect on all that I’ve experienced and accomplished during my Junior year.

Last summer, I faced a critical decision in my career path: whether or not to pursue a career in the actuarial field. I committed to this goal in August, and thus my semester began studying for the first actuarial exam. Although it would end in failure and disappointment in late September, I had to quickly regroup to focus on landing an internship for the summer. This process began with the career fair the following week, and after a long and tedious series of applications and interviews, I was able to successfully obtain a full-time actuarial internship at Blue Cross Blue Shield in November. With that out of the way, it was time to return to studying for Exam P once again. This time I was far more prepared and succeeded in passing in late March.

Academics wise, it was definitely my toughest year, but easily the most important one. I took mainly classes that were directly relevant to my major and minor. Although these classes were challenging, I enjoyed them much more than taking English or history classes that are completely worthless to the career I hope to pursue. Another task I had to take on was my Initial Honors Capstone Proposal. The topic I ended up choosing was the impact of professional sports franchises on local economies. I plan on using research articles and statistical techniques in order to complete my capstone, which I will be working on for most of my senior year. Finally, I had the honor of being inducted into Kappa Mu Epsilon, the national honor society for math majors.

Of course, the year wasn’t all work and career stuff. Junior year was also my most involved year in extracurricular activities. I once again participated as a member of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, this time with more of a leadership role. Intervarsity underwent a transformation this year, shifting to more of a movement on campus rather than just a group. Highlights included Fall Conference in New Hampshire, going around campus and having great conversations with random students, some of which are now heavily involved in Intervarsity as a result, and hosting an out-door end of year party on the lawn that drew 30 or so students. As the President of Intervarsity for next year, I look forward to the upcoming challenges and expect even greater things for the ministry on campus. I also became a member of the Actuarial Association this year. This club provided me great opportunities to network and learn more about companies in the actuarial field, as well supply resources for internships and exam information. I also plan on participating in the Actuarial Association again next year.


This year marked a milestone as I turned 21 years old on January 3rd. As a result, I enjoyed many social experiences that I had previously shied away from, including going to the bar with friends to hang out and watch sports, taking a tour of the Sam Adams brewery, and being able to buy my own alcohol to casually drink and hang out with friends on the weekends. One of the main highlights of this semester was the spring weekend concert featuring Time Flies, Kap Slap, and New Boyz. It was a great concert and was probably my favorite one of the three spring weekend concerts I have attended at Bryant.



Looking back at the year in sports, there were some major disappointments but also some pleasant surprises. The Patriots had another great season, but could not overcome injuries and fell short in the AFC championship game. The Celtics were injury plagued as well, losing star point guard Rajon Rondo and rookie Jared Sullinger halfway through the season and ultimately falling to leading scorer Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks. I did have the pleasure of attending two Celtics games: one with my friend Jess in a loss against the Hornets, and the other with my brothers in an exciting win against the Los Angeles Clippers. One major surprise this season was the Bryant Men’s Basketball team. After managing just two wins last season, the Bulldogs took the NCAA by storm with road wins over Brown, Boston College, Lehigh, and Robert Morris. They reeled off an 8 game win streak in the middle of the season and led the Northeast Conference for most of the year. Unfortunately, they cooled off during the end of the season and fell in the first round of the Northeast Conference tournament. However, this season put Bryant on the map and greatly raised expectations this for next year. The Boston Bruins once again had another great season and are on their way to pursuing another Stanley Cup Championship. They currently lead their first round series with the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-1 after a thrilling overtime victory last night. Finally, the Red Sox have been a pleasant surprise under new manager John Farrell. They are off to one of their best starts in recent memory and look to be right in the mix for playoff contention. It’s still early, but expectations are high in Boston this year.



Last but not least, I have to give a shout out to Hall 5 Suite 240. It was awesome living in this suite this year and we definitely had a lot of good times. Steve was a great roommate once again, Dan (D-Love) is easily the funniest one in the suite, Tyler was a great RA and fun guy to live with (despite complaining every time it rained outside), and it was even great having Tyler’s girlfriend Michelle, who was practically adopted as part of the suite this semester, to hang out with and chill. Going to miss these guys and all my other friends at Bryant during the summer, but looking forward to an awesome year starting next Fall.

That was simply a brief recap of everything that’s happened this year, and now that it’s over it’s time to look ahead to the summer. This summer I will be working full-time at Blue Cross Blue Shield in Boston in the actuarial program. I will be living in a house in Brighton and will get the full experience of living out on my own. In the mean time I have about 3 weeks at home to relax and look forward to hanging out and catching up with all of my friends from back home.


Thanks to everyone for reading this post. Please like the post, comment if you have feedback, and share my blog with your friends.




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3 Responses to Junior Year Recap/Summer Preview

  1. Aunt Do says:

    Glad to see your back. Sounds like a very productive year! Leading, learning and having fun. Nothing better than that Jeff”

  2. Steve 'Koala' Tirpak says:

    I don’t expect that this comment will make it to the blog, but DUH FUCK Jeff ‘easily funniest in the suite’?! Could say like Dlove was, after a tough battle of titans, the funniest guy in the suite compared to my favorite person Steve.

    And yes, I am finally reading EVERY blog post

    • D-love has a brand of humor that is unmatched, but you were definitely second. You beat Tyler by a long shot.

      And thanks for reading the blog man! Your comments are always allowed no matter how inappropriate 🙂

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