Who Won Revis Trade?


The New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have agreed to a trade to send Darrelle Revis to Tampa for the 13th overall pick and a 2014 conditional pick. The Buccaneers have also announced that they signed Revis to a 6 year, $96 million deal that would make him the highest paid defensive back in NFL history. The 27-year-old Revis will be in his seventh season, and has made the pro bowl four times in his career.

In my opinion, I think this deal worked out better for the Buccaneers than the Jets. In the end, the Jets didn’t want to pay Revis and I think it is their loss. He is a superstar cornerback in his prime and will boost a young buccaneers defense that has to contend with division rivals Drew Brees and Matt Ryan. The Jets defense already took a step back last year, and now will be even worse this year. That’s not a good thing for a team whose quarterback is Mark Sanchez. The only way this deal could work out for the Jets is if Revis just isn’t the same after his injury or if the Jets strike gold with the 13th pick in this year’s draft.

Who do you think benefited the most from the Revis trade? Vote in the poll down below.

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1 Response to Who Won Revis Trade?

  1. brianpierro1 says:

    jets r screwed!

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