Dealing With Critics


Some people call them critics, some people call them haters, either way everyone has people who are going to give you a hard time in life for doing what you love. The important thing to remember is this: there is good criticism and there is bad criticism. The bad criticism only tries to discourage you and break you down. These are the people the people that intentionally try to undermine your accomplishments and make excuses for your success. They are always trying to find a fault with you. A classic example is the superstar who does everything he can, but because he is surrounded by a bad team, gets blamed for not winning a championship. The kid who was always told he was too small or too slow or not athletic enough to play sports or never given a chance. The team that couldn’t win a championship because there were too many distractions in the locker room. The team that is overrated because their schedule was too easy. There are many examples of these types of critics. There is really only one way to deal with these types of critics: ignore them. Giving them any attention will only fuel the fire and not give you any benefits.

However, there are valid critics and there is valid criticism. It is important to realize what this valid criticism is. These are the people who point out what you are doing wrong, but they make an effort to explain why it is wrong and what you should do right. Coaches and professors are two examples of types of people that can give you valid criticism. The difference is that they want you to succeed, whereas the haters want you to fail. There is a lot of benefit listening what certain critics have to say, because they are giving you valuable advice that you can use in the future.

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