Boston Drama Comes to a Close

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On Monday, April 15th, tragedy struck the city of Boston as two bombs exploded at the finish line of the marathon, killing three people and injuring dozens more. Not long after, the search began to find out who was responsible for this attack. Rumors swirled constantly for the next couple of days, many of them false. The whole country stood by Boston as the police and FBI worked effortlessly to get to the bottom of this. Tributes were made to the victims around the country and sports games were postponed due to the threat. Boston even shut down and all cell phone service was cut off.

More drama ensued late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. An MIT police officer was shot and killed by one of the suspects, and a day long manhunt ensued. The two suspects were brothers, and one of them got killed in a shootout with the police while the other escaped and went on the run. After learning that the suspect was enrolled at UMass Dartmouth as a student, police promptly arrived and campus was evacuated. Later this evening, the police found the other suspect hiding in a boat in Watertown. After hours of standoff, the suspect was finally captured and taken into custody alive. That is where the current situation stands, and more details are sure to be released in the coming days.

It is very unfortunate that these types of things happen. There are definitely many evil people out there doing evil things, but fortunately there are enough good people to prevent the world from falling apart. We should be very thankful for the law enforcement officials and everyone involved who helped bring this drama to a close. Right now this is a happy moment for Boston and for the country. The bad news, this is not the end of terrorism. There will be more attacks and there will be more tragedies, and this shouldn’t surprise us. The only thing we can do is trust those in charge and do whatever we can to support those who need it. Terrorism has become the face of the 21st century, and the scary thing is that it could come from any ordinary person on the street. We need to always be on the lookout for suspicious activity, because you can never assume that you are safe.

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