Song Analysis: Expectations by Three Days Grace (2012)


Baby, innocent
Is one day gonna be decadent
Prom Queen, Miss America
In the backseat in a pair of cuffs
Sixteen, little runaway
From the Five-O and you got away
From a small town with no scene
Looking for a shot on the big screen

The song opens by referencing the dreams of a teenage girl. She wants to “Prom Queen, Miss America” and runs away from home to try and achieve these expectations. However, she ends up getting into trouble, running from the police, and ending up in a small town with “no scene.”

Go to hell
Go to hell

This is the main theme of the song. The overall idea is that we should not feel like we have to live up to other people’s expectations or society’s expectations. We each have a unique direction in life, and should not feel pressured to live life a certain way. Essentially he is saying screw expectations because they are not helping anyone.

Not so innocent
On the street hustling
Never be Miss America
In the backseat of a Celica
Crashing with a deadbeat
Living large on a love seat
In a small town, no scene
Turns out it was nothing but a pipe dream

The girl is now out on the streets trying to survive. She realizes that her chances of achieving her own expectations are very slim at this point. They were a dream that could never come true.


Rich girl, wannabe
Bought a quick pick for the lottery
Watching TV with her boyfriend
Fell asleep, left the ticket on the nightstand
He stayed awake to see the ball drop
Turned it way down, she never woke up
Grabbed the keys to her car in the back lot
Threw a shot of Jack back, left with the jackpot

The girl decides to buy a lottery ticket, thinking it is the only chance she has to get her life going in the right direction and achieve her dreams. However, her boyfriend steals it and runs away.

Go to hell
Prom Queen, Miss America
In the backseat in a pair of cuffs

Go to hell
Never be Miss America
In the backseat in a pair of cuffs

Don’t worry about anyone else’s expectations. Don’t be the one to conform to how society thinks you should be. Live your own life, determine your own path, and don’t concern yourself with anyone’s expectations but your own.

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