Should College Athletes Be Paid?

college athletes paid

Whether or not college athletes that go to well-known Division I schools should be paid for playing sports beyond just scholarships has been a controversial subject in recent years. On one hand, people argue that these kids are going to college for free and therefore they are getting paid in the form of tuition and that should be enough at the college level. On the other hand, others argue that these athletes should be paid because the schools are making millions upon millions of dollars off of them that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without their sports programs. Now it should be clarified that we are not talking about all colleges or even all Division I schools. This debate concerns the top programs in their respective sports, the ones that consistently have their games televised and sell out their often-larger-than-professional stadiums that they charge a good price for.

I am strongly in favor of college athletes from schools with elite athletic programs being paid a salary beyond just the cost of going to school. Do these kids need hundreds of thousands of dollars? Of course not. However, the NCAA is a billion dollar industry and it is straight up not fair that the most important piece of an athletic program, the players, are receiving $0 while producing millions upon millions of revenue for the school. Coaches are getting paid millions of dollars to coach the team, yet the players get nothing? How does that make any sense? The question of whether the schools could afford to pay these players is invalid. I am calling for a redistribution of revenue, not the addition of extra expenses. Everyone else in the NCAA does not need to paid millions of dollars for doing far less than what these players have to do. They have to train year round, practice every day, travel constantly, and balance all of that with academics.

The bottom line is this: Pay people what they deserve.

What do you guys think about this whole subject? Should college athletes be paid? Vote in the poll down below.

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