I came across this video today, and thought it would be good to share. We have two choices in life: to just survive or to succeed. If we want to ever have a chance of discovering truth in this life, we need to fight to succeed every day. This reflects back to previous blogs about maximizing your potential and not wasting time. So check out this video and take every line to heart.


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2 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Aunt Do says:

    Yes you should try to succeed! But some days should be about reflecting and enjoying what we have already accomplished. What’s the point of succeeding without getting any personal benefit. I think the first question of each day should be what can I do today to make me smile (could be as small as a god cup of coffee) then succeeding becomes a little easier that day. Choosing to be happy should be right up there with on the purpose list. Every day we should make the conscious choice to find one thing that makes us happy or at least puts a smile on our faces. The world would be a happier place, don’t you think?

    • I agree I think taking time to relax and enjoy life is part of success as well. You have succeeded in giving your body and mind a break from the stress of constantly trying to succeed. I think the main point is that when it is time to work hard, you can either settle for mediocre or you can give it your best shot.

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