If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?


We have always been fascinated with the idea of superpowers and what we could do if we had them. But if we could only choose one, which one would it be? Flying, reading minds, invisibility, super strength, predicting the future, something else? In order to determine this myself, I am going to personally look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these superpowers.



Humans have always been fascinated with flying whether it’s by plane, helicopter, hang gliding, or jetpack. If you had the ability to fly you would no longer have to wait in traffic, you would not have to walk anywhere, and you could reach high places pretty easily. The downside is it would be hard to transport a large quantity of things at once, and if the weather outside was bad then flying might not be the ideal option.

Mind Reading

mind reading

The power to read to minds could have a huge impact on improving the communication between people. Often times people say one thing but mean another thing. Mind reading could be used to figure out what people are really thinking and whether or not they are lying, which in turn could benefit us. The problem is that we are bound to find something out that we don’t like, and we cannot tell that person so the relationship could actually break farther apart rather than improve.



The power of invisibility could be a useful tool in the crime solving department. Criminals would have a tough time with invisible police officers tracking them down when they don’t even know they’re being chased. Police could also eavesdrop on the criminals without them knowing in order to gain information. Invisibility would also come in handy during battles and wars in terms of sneaking into the enemy’s camp and attacking from within. The temptation with invisibility would be to use it for evil. It could be used for pranks, stealing from people, and various other crimes. Not to mention you would have to be completely naked the whole time in order to be truly invisible.

Super Strength

super strength

Super strength could no doubt help you in everyday life, whether it is moving heavy furniture, carrying more things at a time, or lifting weights at the gym. You would not have to worry about anyone pushing you around because you could just beat them up easily. You would have a huge advantage in most sports, and would always win the World’s Strongest Man competition. Most importantly, you would get the ladies.

Predicting the Future

predicting future

Predicting the future could be extremely useful in many ways. If you can anticipate what will happen in the future, you will be able to better prepare for it in the present. You would never make the wrong decision because you know what the outcome will be. Major mistakes and catastrophes could be prevented. However, the downside is that you could change something in the present to affect your future that would ultimately one person or a group of people in the future.

Final Decision

My final decision for which superpower I would take if I could only take one would be predicting the future. I would only use it for the right intentions, and it would take away the uncertainty of the future so that I did not have to worry as much. Knowing the future will help you maximize your time in the present.

Let me know which superpower you guys would choose in the poll down below. Then like, comment, and share my blog with others.




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4 Responses to If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The only practical one of these is flying (or possibly strength). The rest are way too dangerous. They can only lead to disaster. Especially predicting the future. Just knowing the future would change the future. It is tempting to think of the things that could have been avoided (like Hitler) but It is just not meant to be. The mind reading would be second most disastrous. Would you really want to know what every one is thinking about you? Or want them to know what you are thinking? No. These are fun to ponder but wouldn’t work in reality. Although the flying would be very cool (if not for my fear of heights).

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I would pick flying because I really hate to drive!

  3. brianpierro1 says:

    time travel would be the best because if you ever made a mistake you could just go back in time and fix it

  4. japierro says:

    I agree with the comments about mind reading–you’ll have to watch an old episode of Gilligan’s island to see why that would be bad. Predicting the future and time travel get you into those recursive contradictions where one changes the other. I’d go with Superman: flying, strength, and some X-ray vision thrown in for good measure.

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