Should Airlines Charge Passengers by Weight?


Airlines have always charged by extra luggage, but should they start taking the passenger’s weight into account? Weight has an enormous impact on profitability, so to be as efficient as possible airlines could charge one price for the total weight of passengers and any luggage they carry on board. Air Canada estimates that for every kilogram of weight removed, 3925 kilograms of fuel will be saved. One potential issue with this strategy is the outcry from the public from those obese people who feel that they would be getting charged unfairly. However, this method of ticketing would actually be the fairest and most efficient way to charge people for flying. In this economy, airlines are looking to reduce costs anyway they possibly can, I think this strategy makes sense overall.


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One Response to Should Airlines Charge Passengers by Weight?

  1. I can see where people would be upset with this and call it weight discrimination. However, from a logical and economical standpoint, it makes sense. Most things that are shipped get charged by weight. I guess if you fly frequently, it would be a good incentive to trim down.

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