What Is The Point?

Sometimes we really just need to stop and think big picture. What is the point of our existence? What is the point of our universe’s existence? Is there an end goal somewhere, a finality? We all live life with various different goals, and ultimately our goal is to enjoy life and establish relationships with others. But why does the human race even exist? If you don’t believe in God, this question becomes even tougher, but if you do there are still no solid answers. Say we die and go to Heaven and stay there for eternity. Well compared to eternity our time on Earth is virtually nothing. So what was the point of being there? Plus, then what happens? There has to be some kind of ending point at some time. What would God do once the world ends, and what would humans do in heaven or hell? What would be the point of being there forever if there wasn’t some end goal? If we existed forever and ever and ever and ever it would eventually become meaningless.

Why is there a universe that exists how it does? I think we rationalize things to ourselves by saying “everything happens for a reason” or believing in something that we don’t know exists that has a plan for everything. But at the end of the day, we don’t know what the point is. If the point is to be a good person, what’s the point of being a good person? If the point is to enjoy life, why should we do that? What is final reason that all of existence even exists in the first place. How do we even know that what we see is reality? I refuse to believe that there is not a reason beyond death or beyond eternity that brings an end to existence. We should not take things for granted and just be satisfied by old clichés or by religion. We need to think beyond that if we have a chance at truly understanding what the point of existence is.

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One Response to What Is The Point?

  1. Dan says:

    I agree. There are too many possibilities and unanswered questions to assume that we truly know anything. It is important to be open-minded to multiple alternatives and to consider why we take a particular path of action. Our collective consciousness could simply be a glimpse of a synapse within the brain of a much larger being. Our perspective on existence as a whole is very limited. You might enjoy reading about existentialism.

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