Invisibility Cloak

invisbility cloak

Scientists have taken one step closer to creating the famous invisibility cloak. Physicists in Texas have found a way to make certain objects invisible, but only within a certain range of light waves. This material is called the mantle cloak, and it can make objects vanish but only in the range of microwaves. Scientists covered a foot long cylinder with the material, and microwave detectors could no longer see it. Although it was still perceptible to the human eye, researchers say that the same concept can be transferred to the range of visible light.

This discovery could also be useful in nanotechnology, because light would bypass microscopic objects that would otherwise block it. The mantle cloak can also be applied to many different surfaces. The material is made by combining copper tape with polycarbonate. This creates a pattern that neutralizes the waves bouncing off of it. The pattern is roughly the size of a wavelength of light. Scientists say this new material could pave the way to advanced camouflaging and invisibility.


If scientists could somehow advance this material to make objects invisible to the human eye, this would be a groundbreaking achievement. Just imagine being able to walk around and not have anybody be able to see you, or being able to hide something right in plain daylight, or even just to play pranks on someone. The fact that this technology is in the works, even at the micro level, is definitely a cool thing to see.

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