Sam Adams Brewery Tour



Yesterday I took a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston. It was a very interesting place right when we walked in. While waiting for the tour to start, we had the opportunity to smell some of the ingredients that went into Sam Adams, watch videos about their different flavors of beer, and view their trophy and beer cases.



photo 2

Our first stop on the tour was focused on learning about the different ingredients that go into beer. There are four main ones: water, hops, malt, and yeast. We had the opportunity to sample each of these for ourselves and learn about how these ingredients work together. We then headed over to a huge room with massive tanks and learned about the process by which the beer is made. On our last stop of the tour, we had the opportunity to sample several different flavors of Sam Adams. We were each given small glasses, and ultimately ended up having 5 different kinds of beer in the tasting room. The best part of the whole tour was that all of this was free. After the tour was over, we roamed around the gift shop before ultimately heading on our way.

photo 3

Overall, this was a great tour. We had the opportunity to learn a lot about one of Boston’s famous beer companies and also had the opportunity to sample some free beer. I would definitely recommend it to anyone if you’re in the area.

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One Response to Sam Adams Brewery Tour

  1. Aunt Do says:

    Nice picture. Pretty cool to be able to have a beer with your dad!

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