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Yesterday I was in Boston with parents doing some apartment hunting, but before that we decided to go on a tour of Fenway Park. The tour started in the main Red Sox pro shop outside of the stadium. The tour guide was an older gentleman who was very enthusiastic and did a great job throughout. Once the tour started, we headed into the ground level of the stadium. We got the opportunity to learn some history about the ballpark, and the chance to see some interactive displays from previous World Series appearances.

Next we headed outdoors to get a view inside the park. The field was covered with tarps, but it was a bright sunny (although cold) day, so the view was very nice. We had the opportunity to get photographed by a photographer, and after walking by a couple rows, we headed back inside to get a view of the visitors clubhouse.



Next we went back outside and headed up several rows to a section of wooden blue seats. These are the oldest seats in Major League Baseball, installed in the 1930s if I remember correctly. Our next stop was the famous Green Monster. We were able to go on top of it and sit right at the edge with a perfect view straight down. It was a pretty cool experience.

photo 1

Our last stop was the media room. This was a room with about three rows of tables and faced out toward the center of Fenway Park. We got the chance to learn some more information about the park, such as prices and red seat marking Ted Williams longest home run hit in Fenway. Below is the view we had from the media room.


Overall, it was definitely an enjoyable tour. I had the chance to learn some history about Fenway Park and see the inside of the park firsthand. It was a great way to get ready for the baseball season.

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One Response to Fenway Park Tour

  1. Mark Pierro says:

    Wow – what a great experience that must of been! Thanks for sharing. So, do they have these tours often? I’d like to see Fenway when I visit this spring/summer, maybe even take in a game – how hard is it to get tickets?

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