ServeUP Tampa 2013

serveup tampa

This upcoming week, several of my friends from the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Bryant are heading down to Tampa, Florida for ServeUP 2013. ServeUP is an alternative spring break trip exploring the intersection between Christianity and community service. They will be working with the Tampa Underground and Timothy Initiative throughout the week.

The Timothy Initiative is a nonprofit movement dedicated to ministry. Their mission is to seek out the lost, homeless, addicted, and depressed and reconcile them to God through Christ. This is done by offering community, accountability, and comprehensive restoration to those who need it.

One of the most important aspects of the initiative is discipleship. Each morning there are devotionals and each evening there are bible studies. This gives those who are broken a chance to explore and discover Jesus. Each person is also paired with a leader to go through the 12 steps of recovery, which include accountability, healing, and spiritual growth.

Community is another key aspect of the initiative. There are three houses offered for the lost to feel welcomed. There is a devoted relationship between the men living in the homes and the house operators. The house operators are committed to a complete transformation for those who are living there.

Work therapy give those who are serving a chance to work alongside those who are struggling and experience the same daily challenges and struggles that they are going through. It also helps provide self-esteem, responsibility, and money to provide for those who are unemployed or transitioning between jobs.

For more information on the Timothy Initiative:

To stay updated on the trip follow #serveup13 on Twitter

To stay updated on Bryant’s team down in Tampa:!/bryantserveup13

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