Evidence of Ancient Megaflood Discovered on Mars

mars flood

The Mars reconnaissance Orbiter has picked up evidence that an ancient megaflood may have occurred on the surface of Mars millions of years ago. This evidence is based on the fact that a certain part of Mars surface is lined with several channels, indicating possible flooding. A team of scientists used the photos from the Orbiter to create a three-dimensional map of the region and the channels that run underneath its plains.

The channels are hidden beneath the surface because the region used to be volcanically active, and therefore the lava from the volcanoes filled in the channels. These channels are much deeper than was previously thought, leading scientists to believe that the flooding was much more intense than expected. One possible theory of the cause of the flood is that the water came from deep reservoir and was unleashed by a volcanic explosion.

Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2013/0308/Huge-flood-on-Mars-Orbiter-data-shows-evidence-of-ancient-megaflood

I think this is a significant discovery because it further supports the idea that there used to be water on Mars, and therefore possibly life as well. There are still many questions to be answered, such as why all of the water eventually dried up, but this discovery is definitely a step in the right direction. Being able to look not only at the surface of Mars, but below the surface as well will be critical in finding more evidence of the planet’s past.

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2 Responses to Evidence of Ancient Megaflood Discovered on Mars

  1. This is interesting. I was just wondering–the orbiter has been around since 2005. How were they just now able to detect this evidence of floods?

  2. Aunt Do says:

    J eff, thanks for keeping me informed about subjects i probably wouldn’t know much about. i find them very interesting not to mention informative! Plus the knowlege i get from your blogs are great conversation starters! (making me look more knowlegable than i am. LOL) Thanks again, love, Aunt Do.

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