Does Everything Happen For A Reason?


We have all heard the phrase “Everything happens for a reason”, but is this really true? Are we living in a world where every single event is interconnected as part of a master plan? This seems hard to believe to me. Are we supposed to believe that even events such as coin flips which are based on probability are happening for a specific reason? For those religious people who believe God has an ultimate plan, what if His plan could involve random events as well? Certain chance events like a coin flip could still be random within a master plan.

The question of whether or not things happen for a reason ultimately depends on if there is a higher being that is specifically controlling every little thing that happens. I find this hard to believe because even if this were the case, some things could still happen by chance as part of a master plan. I believe there is such thing as luck, chance, and coincidences. You could even argue that luck and chance determine part of the plan. Speaking of which, what would this plan be anyway? What is the ultimate goal that all these things that are happening for a reason will accomplish? We might not ever know.

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