Millionaire Buries Treasure for Anyone to Find


Have you ever wanted the opportunity to search for buried treasure? Well now you can! Forrest Fenn, an 82-year-old multimillionaire from New Mexico, has buried a chest filled with millions of dollars worth of gold coins, diamonds, emeralds, and other gems. With the goal of getting people to get off the couch and be more active, Fenn stated “Get your kids out in the countryside, take them fishing and get them away from their little hand-held machines.” Fenn has a self-published autobiography called “The Thrill of the Chase” which contains a poem with 9 clues to find the buried treasure.

I personally think this is a really cool idea. Here is a guy that was diagnosed with a medical condition that meant he won’t live much longer, so he decided to give away his fortunes to others so they could experience it the same way he did. Not only that, but he did it in a fun and creative way that gets people outdoors and exploring nature. I think it will be fun to see how this chase ends up, and hopefully it doesn’t get too out of control.


What do you guys think about this buried treasure? Would you go to New Mexico in search of it? Let me know in the comments down below, then please like the post and share with your friends.




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2 Responses to Millionaire Buries Treasure for Anyone to Find

  1. yourothermotherhere says:

    If I could go, I would. It sounds fun AND rewarding!

  2. This is a cool idea. I can’t see myself hunting for treasure but I’m guessing that there are plenty of people that would. I heard a comment that he should have divided it up and had many smaller treasures. I think one big one is more intriguing. Kind of like hitting the big lottery

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