Song Analysis: Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin (2006)

breaking benjamin


Milk it for all it’s worth.
Make sure you get there first.
The apple of your eye.
The rotten core inside.
We are all prisoners.
Things couldn’t get much worse.
I’ve had it up to here, you know your end is near

This is about someone who feels betrayed and imprisoned by someone who has mistreated them. He is telling them to get as much out of it as they can, because they are rotten on the inside, and sooner or later this will all end.

You had to have it all,
Well have you had enough?
You greedy little bastard,
You will get what you deserve.
When all is said and done,
I will be the one to leave you in the misery
and hate what you’ve become

The singer is expressing his anger at the one who betrayed him. He calls him out for being greedy and selfish, and says that in the end he will be left in misery and get what he deserves while the singer moves on to better things.

Intoxicated eyes, no longer live that life.
You should have learned by now, I’ll burn this whole world down.
I need some peace of mind, no fear of what’s behind.
You think you’ve won this fight, you’ve only lost your mind

The enemy should have known that the singer will go to any extent to get revenge, and that he will ultimately lose this battle.


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