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google glass

Google Glass, or Project Glass, is an effort from Google to develop virtual reality glasses. The concept was introduced on April 4, 2012, and new specs for Google Glass have just arrived. The Google Glass is a headset and does not actually have lenses in front of your eyes. It has a small screen that you view through a mirror block. This is what allows the device to show a large centered picture in front of your eyes.

Google Glass is capable of taking photos, recording videos, searching the web through Google, showing reminders, and much more. It will also have an automatic picture-taking mode that takes pictures at a set interval consistently. I could go on and talk about all the features but I think you would find it much more helpful to check out the links and videos down below.

The price for Google Glass is currently $1500.

More information:

Would you guys be interested in buying Google Glass if you could afford it? Let me know in the comments down below. Please like the post, follow the blog, and share with others on social media.




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  1. I heard a lengthy discussion about this product on the radio yesterday. I was intrigued but I wondered if it would be awkward wearing these. Supposedly you are glancing up and slightly to the right so it doesn’t interfere with your forward vision. I would have to try them but it seems like a strange concept. Then again I initially was against getting an ipad because I thought I would never use it and I was very wrong about that. Right now the $1500 price tag would be a problem for me

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