Do You Believe Oscar Pistorius?


On February 14th, Oscar Pistorius (known as the Blade Runner) shot and murdered his girlfriend early in the morning. This news shocked the sporting the world and those close to the case. Pistorius claimed that he thought his girlfriend was a burglar and shot at her through his bathroom door. He said he did not realize his girlfriend had left the bed, and since burglary is common in South Africa, it made some sense for Pistorius to suspect this early in the morning.

Reports are that there was no prior history of abuse between the couple. Pistorius showed up in court and appeared “devastated” by what had happened. However, there is still a lot of suspicion surrounding the case. Pistorius is currently on trial facing murder charges and new details continue to be released every day. I want to believe Pistorius, but there is just something so strange about this whole case. I feel like you would not shoot at anyone unless you were absolutely sure who it was. Also, how do you not notice your girlfriend leaving the bed? Many questions still to be answered.

To learn more about the case, check out this link:

What do you guys think about this whole case? Vote in the poll down below.

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