50th Blog Post


I wanted to use my 50th blog post to reflect on my overall experience with the blog so far.

I began this blog 40 days ago, and it has been a fun journey ever since. On January 11th, I rediscovered something that I had not taken into account since early childhood: I enjoy writing for fun. When I was very young, in elementary school, I started to write some stories for fun and was always thinking of ideas for new stories. Over the years, school taught me to hate writing through mandatory papers and boring essays. However, needing something to occupy some of my free time over this past winter break, I decided to give writing another chance.

I originally though this blog was going to be mainly about sports, and although it has been partly about sports, I have enjoyed branching out and writing about several different topics. My favorite topics to write about other than sports are music, current events, and deep questions. I have learned a lot through this process, and it is very satisfying for me to see a unique product that I created in tangible form. I look forward to looking back on some of my posts years from now.

Finally, the most important aspect of this blog are the readers and supporters. I would not have the inspiration to keep writing if it were not for all of the support. Whether it is from family, friends, or other blogger that I do not even know, I really appreciate all of the support. My blog currently has over 1600 views and 80 comments in less than 2 months. People have found it from all different search engines such as Facebook, Google, and WordPress. I have gained 44 followers on my blog and received views from all over the world. Bottom line: the support has been unbelievable and inspires me to keep writing.

Thanks again to everyone who reads my blog. Please like the post and continue to share with others.




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Die hard Boston sports fan
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2 Responses to 50th Blog Post

  1. Keep going Jeff. I know how much you have always disliked writing ( I helped edit a lot of those high school papers) so it’s great to see you enjoying it. I like the sports blogs and especially the current events. Happy 50th!

  2. John Pierro says:

    Congratulations Jeff! I remember the days when you used to write adventure stories and read them to us, and now I still enjoy your writing. Keep it up.

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