Movie Review: Identity Thief (2013)

identity thief


Identity Thief is the story of Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) and how he is tricked into having his identity stolen by an identity thief (Melissa McCarthy). After defaulting on his credit cards, Sandy realizes that something suspicious is happening. Once he finds out who stole his identity, he travels to Florida to try and catch the thief in order to get his job back to provide for his family.

What I liked

I thought the comedy at times in this movie was pretty funny. Melissa McCarthy was pretty funny with her neck punches and made up stories throughout the film. I found the whole idea behind the plot to be somewhat unique, at least something I haven’t seen before. I also thought this film did a good job by having a happy and serious ending. When Melissa McCarthy decided to turn herself in so that Jason Bateman could get his job back, it shows that even criminals have some good inside of them as well.

What I didn’t like

I didn’t like the 3 men chasing Melissa McCarthy throughout the movie trying to kill her. It just seemed like some out of place violence at times in a comedy movie. I also didn’t like how the majority of the movie was just spent on one big chase to get from Florida to Denver and escape the bounty hunters. The comedy also wore out after awhile and became somewhat repetitive.


This movie currently has a 5.8/10 on IMDB, a 24% from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes with a 74% from the audience.

This movie had its funny parts and its well thought out parts, but a majority of it was kind of boring and repetitive at times throughout the entire chase scenes. I will give this movie a 3/5.

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1 Response to Movie Review: Identity Thief (2013)

  1. John says:

    The movie wasn’t as good as I had hoped based on the trailers, but it was still funny to see Jason Bateman slam her with the guitar. I agree that they at least kept the plot somewhat respectable by having her own up and pay for her mistakes at the end, while he showed compassion and willingness to help out someone who’s had a tough life.

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