Youngest Black Hole Discovered

young black hole

Scientists have discovered what appears to be the youngest black hole in the Milky Way. A black hole is an object that results from the death of a star and has a gravitational force so strong that not even light can escape it. This new black hole, W49B, is only about 1000 years old and located 26,000 light years away.

Black holes are created when a massive star dies and a supernova explosion occurs as a result of the collapse of its core. The explosions are usually symmetrical and leave behind a dense neutron core. However, W49B did not have a symmetrical explosion and did not leave behind a neutron core, leading scientists to think that the result of the explosion was actually the youngest black hole that has been discovered.


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One Response to Youngest Black Hole Discovered

  1. japierro says:

    Mind boggling. How does a supernova explosion that blasts everything away from the core leave an object that sucks everything into it? Maybe it’s not a black hole, maybe it’s a temporary vacuum caused by everything being repelled outward and in a few thousand years we’ll start to see it filled in again. Hmmm…

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