Kate Upton Repeats On Swimsuit Cover

kate upton 1

kate upton 2

I have been a big fan of Kate Upton since she graced the cover of last year’s Sports Illustrated cover. Since then, it has been clearly apparent that I am not the only one. The 20-year-old blonde beauty pulled off the rare feat of being featured on the Swimsuit cover in back to back years, and it was her 3rd consecutive appearance in the issue overall. The 2013 issue marked the 50th anniversary of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition.

In the 2013 issue, Kate Upton travels to Antartica to do her photoshoot as part of Sports Illustrated’s 7 continent tour. Although she called it one of the most beautiful places she has ever been and one of the most exciting experiences she’s had, posing in a bikini in Antartica in December did have its consequences. Upton said she felt very sick after returning home from the photoshoot.

For more information and pictures of Kate Upton or any of the other models, refer to the link down below.


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