The Final Toll of Winter Storm Nemo

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nemo 2

This past weekend, one of the bigger blizzards in recent memory brought its wrath across the Northeast, dumping as much as 3 feet of snow in some places. Thousands of flights were cancelled, hundreds of thousands of people lost power, and schools and universities throughout the Northeast were shut down for the weekend. The storm caused so much damage that Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all placed driving bans on the roads so that officials could clear the highways.

Here are some stats from the storm:

1. 9 people were killed in North America because of the storm
2. 6 states declared a state of emergency
3. More than 5000 flights canceled
4. More than 659,000 people who lost power
5. More than 40 million people affected by the storm in the Northeast


For me personally, the storm did not have that big of an effect. Other than having classes canceled on Friday, and having to make the short walk from my dorm to the dining hall in the blizzard conditions a couple of times, things were not nearly that bad. We did not lose power, and there was no significant damage done. I do not even have a car on campus, so I didn’t have to worry about staying off the roads or even shoveling all the snow off of my car.

So let me know if you guys have any exciting stories from Nemo. Please like the post, share my blog with your friends, and follow if you have an account.




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One Response to The Final Toll of Winter Storm Nemo

  1. A. says:

    Glad to hear your experience with the storm wasn’t too disruptive. Here in Connecticut we did see over 2 feet of snow cover the neighborhood, but amazingly the power stayed on and there did not seem to be too many traffic accidents. You can see my photos here:

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