25 Billionth Song downloaded on iTunes


Apple has been the clear leader in the digital music industry since introducing the ipod in 2001 and itunes in 2003. This past Wednesday, Apple reached an impressive milestone as the 25 billionth song was downloaded from itunes. Phillip Lupke of Germany was the lucky man and received a 10,000 euro itunes gift card.

Here are some other fun facts:

1. Itunes sold more than 1 million songs during its first week in April 2003
2. There are 26 million songs available to download on itunes
3. Apple has sold over 350 million ipods
4. White Christmas is the top selling song of all time
5. Thriller by Michael Jackson is the top selling album of all time

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/06/tech/mobile/25-billion-itunes/index.html?hpt=hp_bn5

Let me know if you guys use itunes to download your music and what your favorite song are. Please like the post, follow the blog, and share on social media.




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2 Responses to 25 Billionth Song downloaded on iTunes

  1. Good to hear that so many people are willing to purchase songs online! I hope that piracy is not that much of a problem anymore. I think piracy was big 15 to 5 years ago because there was simply no other options to get songs from the internet in a convenient manner. But I am glad that people are willing to pay, since also a musician has to pay his rent ;).

    I usually prefer iTunes as my music download platform. However, I sometimes buy on Amazon if it is significantly cheaper. I have to admit that I don’t buy music that often since I would not now what to buy – I like U2, classical music and some soundtracks, and since I own most of them already I also often listen to radio (i.e., Pandora) to get some more variety.

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