Restaurant Review: Panera Bread

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Today I enjoyed a fantastic dinner at the local Panera Bread in Milford, Massachusetts. My dinner consisted of a cup of New England Clam Chowder served with bread, a turkey bacon cheese panini sandwich served with chips, and a Mountain Dew for my drink.

There is really nothing bad I can say about Panera Bread. The food is fresh and delicious, the panini sandwiches are amazing, and their wide variety of bakery desserts are to die for. The atmosphere is very nice, and the service is very efficient. There is generally not too long of a wait even when its busy, and they will even deliver your food straight to your table. The restaurant I went to even had computers where you could type in your order. It is the perfect combination of unique, delicious tasting food and a very homely atmosphere. Panera combines the quickness and affordability of fast food restaurants, with the high quality food of more expensive restaurants. I have been to Panera several times and loved it each time. My final rating for this restaurant is a 5/5.

If you guys have been to Panera before, let me know what you think in the comments down below. Please like the post and share with your friends if you enjoyed reading.




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8 Responses to Restaurant Review: Panera Bread

  1. A fellow Bryant basketball fan says:

    The turkey bacon cheese panini is what I get everytime. You should definitely try their mac & cheese if you haven’t before, its amazing.

  2. japierro says:

    I really like this restaurant too, somehow their panninis always seem to taste better than the ones I make at home. I gotta checkout that self service station next time and get myself set up with a personalized Panera account.

  3. mackenziest says:

    I agree with you. I have never left Panera Bread with regret or disappointment.

  4. Aunt Do says:

    Asian chicken salad, my favorite!

  5. Aunt Cheryl says:

    Uncle Toms favorite restaurant! He’s even signed up to get their emails!

  6. James L.Crockett says:

    Not having the experience of Paneras; I was impressed that one of there Boston establishments has a volountary payment scheme. The customer decides what they can afford for a meal. Their CEO appeared on Greater Boston explaing the program. Some hungrey person can eat absolutely free.

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