Bryant University reaches 150 year milestone



Today Bryant University became just the third college in Rhode Island to reach the 150 year milestone. President Machtley, Rhode Island Governor Chafee, and several others were in attendance and gave speeches to the crowd in the Koffler Rotunda. At the conclusion of the reception, Bryant unveiled its new logo, and celebrated with a unique cake, both pictured above. Here’s a brief look back at the previous 150 years.


On January 14th, 1863, Henry Stratton and Henry Bryant founded Bryant and Stratton National Business College. Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, the goal for the college was to provide a business education for veterans returning from the Civil War and looking for jobs. In 1867, William Warner purchased the college and expanded the curriculum to include arts, humanities, and sciences. Bryant College moved its location from Providence to Smithfield in 1971. In 2004, Bryant College officially became Bryant University. However, perhaps the most significant event in Bryant University’s history is when Jeffrey Pierro set foot on campus for his freshman year in the Fall of 2010.


Today Bryant University continues to expand and look for new innovative ways to provide higher education. I have been able to witness a number of improvements, just in my short time here. These include the debut of our bulldog mascot Tupper, the dedication of a new Interfaith Center, a new TV studio in the Communications building, and the transition of Bryant Athletics to Division I. I am proud to be a member of the Bryant Community and hope it can last another 150 years.

Tupper, the official Bryant University Mascot

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One Response to Bryant University reaches 150 year milestone

  1. japierro says:

    Hey Jeff, that’s a cool milestone, glad you got to experience it. Bryant’s always had a globe in their logo, what’s different about the new one? Do you have old and new images you can post?

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