Celtics vs. Hornets: A Firsthand Account


This past Wednesday, my friend Jess and I went to go see the Boston Celtics take on the New Orleans Hornets live at the TD Garden in Boston. Jess came over my house to hang out for a bit, and after grabbing Subway for dinner, we hit the road. We drove to the Riverside T Station and took the Green Line in to the Garden.


Since we got there early, we decided to take a look around the Pro Shop to pass the time.


Around 7:15, they finally let us into the building and we went to go find our seats. We were in Section 301, Row 12, Seats 3 and 4. But Jeff, where in the world is that? Well, random viewer, please refer to the photo down below.


The Game

The Celtics got off to a good start early. Kevin Garnett hit a couple jumpers to get the Celtics going and they led by 5 after the first quarter. However, the Hornets fought back in the second quarter and led by 1 point at halftime. The second half didn’t get much better for the Celtics. New Orleans’ defense was constantly one step ahead of the Boston offense, and the Hornets dominated the boards led by Al-Farouq Aminu, Robin Lopez, and rookie #1 draft pick Anthony Davis. Grievis Vasquez had 15 points and 11 assists for the Hornets, and Doc Rivers’ son Austin chipped in 8 points of his own. As a result, the Celtics really never got too close to the Hornets in the second half, and lost by a final of 90-78.

This was my fourth Celtics game, but the first time I had seen them lose. There is no doubt it was disappointing, especially against an inferior team, but I was still glad I went and glad that Jess could come as well. We had a good time talking in the car and on the train, getting our picture taken by a photographer, and cheering on the Celtics during the game with our matching Rondo shirts. I also found out that my license expired when I turned 21 on January 3rd, therefore preventing me from being able to buy a beer. Luckily, Jess is 21 and bought one for me. I bought us nachos in return.

All in all, it was a good night. Anytime you get to see your favorite team play in person, it’s bound to be a good time. I received Celtics tickets for Christmas for a game against the Clippers on February 3rd, so they will have a chance to redeem themselves then.

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4 Responses to Celtics vs. Hornets: A Firsthand Account

  1. Dan says:

    Yo that is a load of BS about your license expiring. It will be still be good for one year, I still use my old one all the time.

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