Dumb Phone to Smart Phone: My experience so far with the iphone 5

“Message could not be sent due to inadequate funds.”

This is the message I received about a month and a half ago when talking to one of my best friends. I had reached my 1000 text limit for the month and was unable to explain what happened to my friend until I visited her in person the next day.


The above is the phone I have owned for the past three years. Before that I had a flip phone for about a year and a half. That all changed when I received the iphone 5 as a birthday gift last week. Since then it has been a whole new experience for me, some might even say life-changing.



The phone itself is pretty nice. Similar in size to my old phone but slimmer and perhaps a bit lighter. The touch screen is a huge upgrade from my old phone and the battery has a decent lifetime as well. The characters on the keyboard are a bit small for my fingers, but even as I’m getting used to typing I can still text much faster than I could on my old phone. The camera and video are really nice, and I don’t need my ipod anymore because I can listen to all my music right from the phone.

Applications (Apps)

I have been downloading apps nonstop since I activated my iphone. There are far too many apps to list so I’m just going to mention some of the ones I use more often. Sportacular has everything you need to know for sports fans. From scores to odds to predictions to stats, Sportacular covers all the major sports not just from the U.S., but international as well. In terms of social media, the three I use the most are Twitter, Instagram, and Four Square. These apps allow me to say what’s on my mind, post pictures, or check in at certain places on the go. SoundHound is a useful app for music enthusiasts. You can play or hum 10 seconds of a song and it will give you the name of the song and artist. Dunkin Donut fanatics can download the Dunkin Donuts app and take advantage of mobile coupons or pay straight from their phone with Dunkin gift cards. The Bank of America app allows you to deposit checks by scanning them and check your balance on the go. Finally, Around Me is an app that utilizes the GPS to find things around you that you are interested in.

Those are just few of the apps I’ve been using. If there are any apps that you like in particular, I’m always willing to take suggestions.


Siri, the voice recognition program, is a feature that allows you to utilize voice commands to do something that would normally be done manually. I have been mainly using it set reminders and call people. It can also add things to your calendar, look up things on the Internet, and even provide some humor for certain questions. It is definitely useful and I look forward using it more in the future.

In summary, I have loved having the iphone 5 so far. Smartphones are the way of the future and will only continue to improve. If you have a smart phone right now, tell me in the comments what you like most or dislike most about it as well as what your favorite app is.

I plan on doing a movie review later today so stay tuned.


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3 Responses to Dumb Phone to Smart Phone: My experience so far with the iphone 5

  1. japierro says:

    As you know I recently switched to an iPhone from a dumb phone too, so we’ve been going through a lot of similar experiences. It is amazing how powerful they are and how many different things you can do with them. For me so far the most important apps have been mail, the calendar, and reminders as they help me manage daily life. I’ve used those types of apps before on my PC, but having them with you all the time in your pocket makes a big difference. Having a decent camera often alleviates me from carrying around my big super-zoom camera. Of course texting is important to stay in touch with the kids, like when Brian sends me a text to come see him when he’s upstairs and I’m downstairs. Having a full contact database with numbers and addresses and having the integration with the maps app is also very useful. Words with Friends is a little tough on the small screen, but still doable. Being able to control the TV is kind of fun too. Oh yeah, I think there’s a phone in there somewhere too…

    • I completely agree with everything you said, being able to pretty much have all the tools you need on a consistent basis throughout the day in one spot is very convenient. I’m sure there’s still more that we have to learn but one’s things for sure: we’re never going back to “dumb phones” again.

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